Youth Apprenticeship Program a Success

June 26, 2018

Settlers bank is pleased to announce that as one of the first companies to participate in the Marketing Youth Apprenticeship program implemented and sanctioned by the Governor of Wisconsin, they deem the program a success!

Wisconsin’s Youth Apprenticeship program, sponsored by the Department of Workforce Development, and in partnership with the Dane County School Consortium,  work collaboratively with Dane County School districts and statewide programs to integrate school-based and work-based learning to provide students with employability and occupational skills.  Students are taught by qualified teachers and skilled work site mentors to prepare for careers while still in high school, developing the technical and specific job skills required by Wisconsin industries resulting in connecting classroom education to industry preparation.

“For Settlers bank, Youth Apprenticeship is a great way to partner and collaborate with schools as we all work together to both give high school students the work experience they need and help meet the future workforce needs of our community”, states Dave Fink, president and Tom Spitz, CEO.

“The benefits to an employer are tremendous,” states Trisha Thompson, SVP HR/Marketing and YA Employer Coordinator for Settlers bank.  “The employer hires the apprentice, creating a recruitment pipeline, works with highly motivated students, has the opportunity to provide influence on curriculum offerings and, in some cases, is able to provide supervisory opportunities for other staff. It’s a win-win to everyone involved”, states Thompson.

The Dane County program to date has been very successful. Currently there are 267 enrollees with over 13 districts and 14 schools involved and 207 active employers with an average wage earned of $10.89/hr.  High school graduation rates for enrollees is at 100% for the 2016-17 year with 86% of students going on to post-secondary education and 85% being offered employment after completing their apprenticeship.

Settlers bank, where founders Tom Spitz, CEO and Dave Fink, President lead local investors and bank staff who own and started the bank and where clients talk directly with decision makers.  Built on the idea that traditional banking moves too slow and that customers needed banks to adapt to today’s fast paced, information and technology driven world.  Entrepreneurs at heart, encouraging that same passion in all of their staff, their first decade in business has seen the launching of two new locations, the addition of Treasury Management, Private Banking and Mortgage Services.  

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