Settlers bank a Dementia Friendly Business

April 3, 2018

Employees of Settlers bank recently underwent Dementia Friendly Business certification training with Kari Paterson, Executive Director of the South Central Wisconsin Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. This training raised staff awareness on how to better serve both clients with dementia as well as their support network, increased their understanding of what dementia means, how it affects the brain and partnered it with a toolkit of best practices regarding communication and interaction with dementia afflicted clients. This training increased staff awareness to what these vulnerable clients need from their financial institution and how Settlers bank can best serve them.

With financial scams against the elderly and the epidemic rise in dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, CEO Tom Spitz and President Dave Fink, believe that it’s crucial employees are well trained and educated in how to both recognize financial threats against clients and to understand the unique communication needs of this population.

“Almost all of us at some point or another will experience, either through family or through friends, first-hand
the challenges that dementia can bring to both the individual afflicted as well as their family, friends and the
communities around them,” says Tom Spitz.

“Everyone knows that fraud against the elderly and the vulnerable has not only increased but continues to get |            more sophisticated.  If we can give our staff the opportunity to better understand the disease, add that to the
tools we already have in place to identify transactions clients may be lured into, potentially we can provide an
added layer of protection for them against scams and fraud” states Dave Fink.

The Dementia-friendly business guide can be found here

Settlers bank is owned and operated by founders Tom Spitz, CEO and Dave Fink, President where clients talk directly with decision makers.  Built on the idea that traditional banking moves too slow and that customers needed banks to adapt to today’s fast paced, information and technology driven world, the bank has grown at a rate of 17% annually since its inception in 2007.  Entrepreneurs at heart, encouraging that same passion in all of their staff, their first decade in business has seen the launching of a new branch, the addition of Treasury Management, Private Banking and Mortgage Services.

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