Card Usage Travel Tips

Access to your accounts is especially important when you are away from home. When you’re ready to travel we’re here to help. Call us at 1.844.288.5617.

Before You Travel

  • Confirm locations where Sb Debit and Credit cards are accepted
  • Learn about daily ATM and Point of Sale card limits
  • Verify that your contact information is up-to-date
Connect with a Banker

Tips for Domestic Travel

  • Use ATMs at financial institutions to minimize fraud risk
  • Carry a back up card in a separate bag in case your Sb card is lost or stolen
  • Save our phone numbers to report lost/ stolen cards to your cell phone contacts
  • Set up Alerts in your Sb online banking to track account activity while you’re away
  • Load eligible debit and credit cards to your digital wallet for use where digital payments are accepted

Tips for International Travel

PLEASE NOTE: To reduce your fraud risk, Settlers bank blocks the use of Sb Debit and Credit cards outside of the United States.

  • Research your destination to determine if payment cards are widely accepted
  • Order foreign currency or visit a currency exchange desk at any major airport
  • If cards are accepted, plan to use a credit card with no foreign transactions fees when making purchases

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